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How To GAIN More Confidence In Your Coaching
How To AVOID Common Coaching Mistakes That Result In Mediocrity
How To EFFORTLESSLY CREATE A Season Plan With Appropriate Training Phases
How To STOP WORRYING About What You Will Do For Practice Tomorrow
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This Is What You Will Discover In The 5 Day Preseason Challenge:

Day 1: Developing Clarity and Purpose 

 "How Every High School Wrestling Coach Can Build A Top Contending Team"

Day 1 is our CRITICAL step to determine your TEAM VISION and PHILOSOPHY. The emphasis is to understand what the right path is so you can get where you want to go once and for all, and we’ll also explain WHY you've been feeling stuck, and not been able to see results.

Day 2: Discover The Secret to a Cohesive Coaching Staff  

 "Even If You Aren’t Communicating Well Now."

Understanding how to apply these principles will make it easy for you to TRUST AND HOLD YOUR COACHING STAFF ACCOUNTABLEIf you've had a lack of communication or simply want to build on a good thing, then this training is the place to learn how to destroy limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.

Day 3: Fundamentals of Growing Your Team 

 "How to Implement a Recruiting Process That Will Radically Change Your Results"

Today we will explain recruiting MISCONCEPTIONS and how to avoid them. With the right strategy you will be able to EASILY find the athletes you are looking for to join your high school team and GET RADICALLY DIFFERENT RESULTS.

Day 4: How to Design a Season Blueprint

 "And How to Use Your Roadmap for MASSIVE clarity and results"

The priority of Day 4 is to help you BUILD YOUR PRACTICE PLAN from the ground up, while including all levels of your program. If you are done experiencing athlete and coach burnout, be sure to join us to learn how you can beat the heat with this training.

Day 5: Mastering Training Phases 

 "That RADICALLY Produce Different Outcomes That Can Be Implemented Now"

One of the single most common questions we get is "How Do I Create Successful Training Phases?". In this training, we will go in depth about how to add peaks and other essential parts of training into your practice plan, so you can CREATE TRAINING PHASES THAT PRODUCE RESULTS. 





  • 4th place at the US World Team Trials
  • Division-1 197# All-American for University of Iowa
  • 4 Time High School State Finalist
  • ​Gained 30 Years of Wrestling Experience
  • Worked as a Division-1 Coach for 10 years
  • ​Competed in the Freestyle Senior Level Circuit for 3 years

Just Give Us 5 Short Days...

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++ Plus, Get Access To A Secret Bonus Gift When You Complete The Challenge!

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