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Here's The PERFECT SOLUTION If You Want To Coach HIGH-LEVEL Athletes Year After Year!
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Join the RARE group of wrestling coaches who set themselves apart by investing in your most important ASSET...


Do What Makes You Better
Do What Makes You Different.

The Secret Isn't Doing The WRONG THING Harder, It's About Being Precise In The RIGHT Things

The Correct Mindsets
The Exact 
Discover More Expansive Networks
For this HANDS ON EXPERIENCE we'll cover how to become top ranked in your state YEAR AFTER YEAR.

You can use these techniques to join the top 1% of high-school programs, one-on-one access to personalized training, and even be successful the entire year, not just through the winter season!

You will even gain a deeper perspective on what is required of yourself and coaching staff to go faster!

In fact, here's just a sample of what we'll cover through this incredible HANDS ON experience:
  • Learn from our coaches with HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE... learn more quickly as a coaching staff.
  • The added essentials to a successful program that most coaches overlook, which enables you to capitalize on results.
  • The solution for the spring season so you're able to results compound on results.
  • ​The most in-depth personalized experience we can provide so you can get the clarity to move forward with velocity.
... and much, MUCH More!

Don't miss this breakthrough ON-SITE experience that will finally show you what skillsets, mindsets and networks you will need to gain in order to move to the next level.

Here's What You Get!...

Coaching Staff Bootcamp 
($18,000 Value)

WE COME TO YOU IN THIS 2 DAY HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE. Everything we teach here is 100% customized to your team while considering all barriers you encounter on a daily basis. This is the best way to learn how to effectively run practices without wasting unnecessary time doing things that don't matter.

You can use these techniques to see results that other programs only dream about, get the absolute most straight forward answers, and even tell it to you like it is; no bull crap here! If you are strong enough, I will even show you the weaknesses of your coaching staff.
  • How to produce a top-notch practice 
  • You will be able to duplicate what you have learned and hit the results
  • What needs to be included during your strength & conditioning practices 
  • ​Maximize your athlete's athleticism and explosion
  • ​How to develop the mindset needed within your coaching staff 
  • ​The best way to optimize each coach's strengths
Don't miss this breakthrough HANDS-ON experience that will finally show you what skillsets, mindsets and networks you will need to gain in order to move to the next level.

Masterclass Workshop 
($12,000 Value)

Get on the MONTHLY ACCOUNTABILITY PHONE CALLS all year round with us and your entire coaching staff. Let's take a deep dive and take a look at your program from ALL ANGLES. What is better than working with your very own experienced coach who is aware of your team's needs, set BIG goals and hit your targets?

To make it even better, I even show you how to grow your mindsets, skillsets and networks in the most direct path possible!

  • Un-tapped resources you never knew existed  
  • Strategically work harder, quicker and more effectively
  • ​Accountability like you have never experienced
  • ​Eliminate excuses and false beliefs about yourself, coaching staff and program
Introduce me to your real self and I will show you the secret to unlocking the rare hard-nosed mentality .

Elite Strength & Conditioning Program
($5997 Value)

Experience this top-notch STRENGTH & CONDITIONING PROGRAM for the 4 month wrestling season. Take the next steps to allow yourself to learn how to train your athletes in the most effective and efficient way possible.

You can use these techniques understand how to build stronger wrestlers who stay healthy, reduce injury off the mat, and even train physically dominant wrestlers!
  • Technique specific videos for each lift 
  • To know exactly how to safely and effectively execute the proper exercises
  • What lifts to do each day of the 4 month high-school wrestling season with our detailed calendar 
  • Stop running lifts as an after thought
  • ​Learn Strength & Conditioning principles from a certified instructor
This Strength & Conditioning Program will give your program an extra boost in the wrestling season that will finally show you the step-by-step process of how to prepare your team for battle.

Olympic Style Wrestling Training System 
($5497 Value)

Inside this 4 month STEP-BY-STEP TRAINING PROGRAM, we'll cover how to succeed in the spring season by following specific frameworks that produce results. Competitors in this style can be tactful and primed to fight. Don't be lead to the battlefield without the proper training.

You can use the techniques taught to produce a solid team all year round, to get into good positioning in both Greco-Roman and Freestyle, and even see their athletes on nationally ranked podiums!
  • In-depth videos that educate you on the proper way to teach technique to your team 
  • Properly show your athletes how confident you are as a coach
  • A customized season plan that includes training phases 
  • Stop over-thinking about the intensity of practices day-by-day and start producing results
  • ​Learn Olympic Style wrestling principles from Nationally Ranked Wrestlers
This is your most surefire step-by-step training program for the Olympic style wrestling season that will finally show you the most direct path to achieving greatness in your spring season.


Do I have to buy all 4 experiences? Are these items available a la carte?

This package is put together in a way that you are given the exact instruction for success. Without any one of these experiences and you will be missing puzzle pieces to your vision. All of the experiences have been given significant discounts that you will not be able to find any where else.  

What do I need to have prepared for the Coaching Staff Bootcamp?

The best thing for you and your coaches to have completed before one of our coaches comes on-site to your school is the 5 Day Preseason Challenge. This will start you with the foundations needed to build up your program. When scheduling with our staff, be sure to find a time that will accommodate the entire coaching staff to be present, both physically and mentally. We need all distractions eliminated from your wrestling room for those 2 intense training days.

What am I investing in?

At the end of the day, this is an investment in yourself AND your program. But more specifically, every person will get recordings of each event as well as tools, worksheets, templates and any other cool thing we create for the event.  

Also, it's the only time you'll get 1 on 1 time with Luke, our White Rhino Coaches and other professionals teaching these topics. You can't move forward unless you remove all of the baggage holding you back. It's time to make a move to make a change in your wrestling knowledge, but more importantly your mindsets, skillsets and networks.
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