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Meet Luke

Luke Lofthouse helps High School Wrestling Coaches have more time to spend on athlete development.

He has spent over 30 years of his life dedicated to the sport of wrestling. Luke has been coached by the best coaches in the world, including Dan Gable and Tom and Terry Brands, and using that knowledge to teach athletes at every age level. 

The development of White Rhino Wrestling was created for those frustrated with mediocre results without a clear path to improvement. 

If you are striving to have an easy step-by-step plan to success, experience winning momentum, and have accountability throughout the coaching staff then I can definitely help you.

This plan is going to give you everything you need to navigate the ins and outs of drills, high-paced wrestling, and training phases successfully!

Have you ever met a successful wrestler who didn't mention their coach as part of their success? Coaches not only teach how to win and loose, but how to behave when you win or loose. The impact of coaching doesn't just end when the athlete leaves the mat. It reaches far into that athletes impact on society.

Let us prove the effectiveness of the strategies we teach by Giving You A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! 

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