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There are two options:

Option 1: Go it alone. Figure out the “how” by yourself.

Option 2: Join THE ALLIANCE and take the FAST TRACK to RESULTS with the help, training, and accountability of our experts and community. Don’t wait YEARS to invest in your program. BE THE CATALYST FOR SUCCESS now with White Rhino Wrestling ALLIANCE Mastermind. 

High school coaching re-defined

The Alliance makes it easy for you to experience the love of coaching at a more fulfilling level without making sacrifices that rarely pay off.

You’re gonna LOVE this! Here’s just a taste of what you get inside The Alliance ...


This is the ONLY place to get complete nose-to-tail strategy
PLUS a private Mastermind Community that includes …

The Alliance Wrestling Coach's Training System 

This 4 month in-depth training program is the secret for you to plan your high school season's practices strategically and know the MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO IMPLEMENT DRILLS AND LIVE WRESTLING by using detailed DAILY videos, so your athletes will remember what you teach them. This will literally take minutes to prepare for practice with a solid plan, so you can give more individual attention to the needs of your athletes.
  • 4 Month Season Training Calendar That Provide Clartiy With Training Phases
  • Daily Practice Videos That Show You Step-By-Step How The Technique Can Be Taught So Your Athletes Are Able To Learn At A Quicker Pace
  • Minute-By-Minute Daily Practice Plans So You Don't Have To Plan ANYTHING Before Practice


This 1-on-1 Personalized Game Plan is your key to go IN-DEPTH ON SOLUTIONS TO YOUR MOST ASKED QUESTIONS and recognize the most direct path (which means you'll be able to redefine who you are as a coach and what you stand for).

The INTENSIVE Game Plan delivers a strong punch in the gut to help you see where you are and where you need to be going. By asking ourselves deeper questions we get more straightforward solutions.
  • Gives Clarity On What Is Not Working And How To Change It So You Don't Keep Making The Same Mistakes
  • Eliminates Indecision And Doubt To Show Your Coaches And Athletes That You Are Confident And Knowledgeable 
  • Allows Our Team To Work With You Side-By-Side So We Can Understand Your Needs At A Deeper Level

Advanced Modules

Learn from wrestling experts on topics like: nutrition, high school and college recruiting, as well as injury prevention and recovery. This Training gives you the keys to enhance your skillsets and accelerate your results so you're able to deep-dive into wrestling related topics (and that means you can grow a deeper knowledge into topics others only understand basics).

Black Box Mastermind Trainings

Inside these recorded masterminds, you will gain deeper insights that you may overlook by learning on your own. The Black Box will provide you with the questions and answers that other coaches in your same position are dealing with. We find the best solution to learning is building a community that has the ability to provide value greater than the sum of its parts. 

The Successful Coaching Formula

Inside this training, you will find your solution to know the correct steps to take to train your team... fast and how you can generate the right energy into your practice room and connect with your team in the way you have always wanted.

Coaching Misconceptions

This training makes it simple for you to bring awareness into your coaching so you're able to stop doing the things that may be detrimental to your team's success and remove barriers between you and your athletes to develop a more cohesive relationship.

Secrets Of A Successful Athlete

Help your athletes gain a deeper understanding of what sets the good wrestlers apart from the great ones. This training makes it easy for you to communicate with your athlete of the qualities that will make them successful which enables you to eliminate confusion about the steps to see results and hold your athletes accountable.

The Practice Plan Blueprint

In this training, you will walk away with a basic season calendar with the appropriate training phases which lets you gain the insight of proper intensity placement and build your training cycles on your own.

Insider Recruiting Network

It’s not what you’s WHO you know that matters.

The Alliance gives you behind closed doors access to over a lifetime of networking and connections. Build your program fast by aligning with the right recruiters.

Level- Up

Luke and other members of our team, who are dedicated in developing their most valuable asset, share insights into the books they are reading and topics they are studying. To be considered the RARE coach, reading and learning is to be held at the highest importance. 

This is the only place to get a list of what they are studying as well as their top takeaways and insights. 

The Alliance Is Perfect For Those Who Want To:

  • Gain Recognition Within The Wrestling Community: Create your teams vision and philosophy which means instantly set your team apart from other wrestling teams
  • Delegate Responsibilities And Trust That It Will Get Done: Establish coaches relationships and responsibilities to be cohesive 
  • ​Have More Wrestling Partners To Challenge Each Other: Set the stage for quick recruiting and that means grow your team faster
  • ​Have More Control Over Technique And Training Phases: Fundamentals for creating your season's schedule which means you can communicate and plan
  • ​Your Team Will Excel Quicker Than Your Competition: Discover how to use your knowledge to build a training phase so you can be strategic about your coaching

Now... Learn How To 

Produce Results ALL YEAR ROUND

With White Rhino's 
Olympic Style Wrestling Training System 
The Elite Wrestler's Strength & Conditioning Program

Olympic Style Wrestling Training System

This Training System makes it nearly effortless for you to plan for the Spring Season . Get a step-by-step training plan for the Greco-Roman and Freestyle seasons (and that means you can advance your program in the off season).
  • Gives you a personalized step-by-step training plan for the spring season
  • ​Makes it easy to see correct way to teach and implement 
  • Learn from some of the best athletes in these styles

Elite Wrestler's Strength & Conditioning Program

This training program gives you the secret to access a lifting program for the 4 month high school wrestling season so you can build strength, conditioning and agility with your athletes in the weight room (so you will run your athletes through proven workouts even if you lack weight lifting knowledge).
  • Effortlessly implement a top-notch lifting plan for high school athletes
  • Avoid worrying about your lack of weight lifting knowledge
  • Makes it easy to teach your step-by-step plan to your wrestlers


Yes! This is exactly what I need for my program. How do I go faster NOW?

The Alliance is designed for speed. I don't think you would argue that coaching takes A LOT of time and energy. We understand how your most non-renewable resource is your time, and once a moment is gone, it's gone. It is possible to try it by yourself, but you have done that and know how long that takes. Or, jump into THE ALLIANCE and get it done in a fraction of the time. The choice is yours.

 This is great, but why should I pay money for this information? Couldn't I try and figure this out on my own?

The real answer is Yes, you could. Up to this point in your career you have, and that is amazing. Wrestling coaches are a different breed of animal and understand the value of hard work and figuring things out, just like our Alliance Mastermind members. However, doing it by ourselves only limits our knowledge and what one person can accomplish alone. Luke has made mistake after mistake both as the athlete as well as the coach. Constant growing pains appeared all along the way. White Rhino Wrestling was designed to help coaches like you grow exponentially in your knowledge as quickly as possible. And hands down, we've discovered we grow faster together.

 What am I paying for?

The Alliance Mastermind contains all the tools, videos, and step-by-step instructions to build your customizable season blueprint and prevent you from making costly mistakes. 
The Alliance systemizes the process and eliminates all the noise. Everything is lined up inside Acceleration to so you get just what you need, including access to insider recruiting networks. 

The Way We Like It

Hard- Nosed Wrestling.

Sound like your kind of style? The Alliance Mastermind is FULL of like-minded people just like us

"There I was, a struggling college wrestler trying to get into the starting lineup. 

The thing is, at the time I was in a room full of great wrestlers who all wanted the same thing I did. 

My big problem was that I could get in on my leg attacks but could RARELY finish. That meant it was hard to score points in practice or competition, which made it difficult to be "the guy".

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...
I realized it's not about winning a practice or a match, but developing my strengths in each position and growing my mindset in those frustrating situations!

Instantly it became crystal clear to me how to wrestle each position in the moment, because I saw I could be more relaxed in my wrestling.
My plan was to start increasing my leg attacks every practice

So I started practicing each portion of my attacks from start to finish. But it didn’t stop there.

It was then important for me to increase my post practice repetitions because my struggles for that day were still obvious. 

After that, the focus of my practices changed to creating more opportunities to score points rather than the total number of takedowns.

Building on that success, wrestling harder, longer and in better positions was the next step.

I call it “Hard-Nosed Wrestling”
With Hard-Nosed Wrestling I can now apply these principles to wrestling, coaching and life!

And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results too!"

-Luke Lofthouse

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